We Are Expanding!

That’s right! The vision of developing clinic space at Agassiz Medical Centre has been on the minds of the AMC Community Board for several years. The time has come for the Clinic Development Project to become a reality in our community.

The Agassiz Medical Centre Community Board provides the equipment (both medical and technology based) and furnishings that our physicians, nurse practitioners and staff need to provide the healthcare services that our growing community needs today, and will need in the future.

With the Clinic Development Project we will be able to provide the space and facility that will continue to attract physicians and other health care professionals to our community.   Three reasons why we need to develop more space:

  1. When all of our providers are in the clinic there are often not enough exam rooms available to accommodate everyone.
  2. If we want to recruit more physicians to this area we need more exam rooms.
  3. Due to the amount of patients and staff at the Agassiz Medical Centre, many of the work spaces are too small or no longer function efficiently to continue to provide the best patient care experience.

This is exciting as we prepare to grow with our community.