Dr. Nivin Azer

Dr. Nivin Azer

Family Medicine

Dr. Nivin Azer is a Family physician practicing at Agassiz Medical Centre in Morden, Manitoba. Nivin graduated from Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University on 1981 and was awarded a Palliative Care Management scholarship at the University of Southern California hospitals. She received her training at The Cairo University Hospital. Dr. Azer completed her Master and Doctorate degrees of Pain Management and ICU at the National Cancer Institute of Cairo where she practiced from 1984 as a resident until 2004 as a professor.

Dr. Azer practiced family medicine in her private practice in Giza for more than 25 years. Canada called and Dr. Azer moved to Manitoba. After completing her licensing requirements, she joined the practice in Morden. She is a member of the American Medical Association, International Society of pain management, Egyptian medical Syndicate, and Manitoba Medical Association. Dr. Azer joined the YMCA as an active member where she did a lot of social volunteering.

Dr. Azer resides in Morden with her husband, daughter, and son. She enjoys her involvement with her family’s many activities and at St. Mark Church in Winnipeg.

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