Morden Community Thrift Store donates $3000!

Morden Community Thrift Store presenting $3000 dollar cheque to Agassiz Medical Centre

A big thank you to The Morden Community Thrift Store who donated $3000 to the Agassiz Medical Centre Community Board to purchase a Digital Platform Scale with Handles and Blood Pressure Cuffs. The Digital Platform Scale has attached handholds to make it easier for people with mobility and balance concerns to get on and off the scale, as well as being able to hold on while being weighed. The weighing platform is low to make it easier to step on and off. There is an attached height gauge so that this can be done at the same time as the weight. This scale also has increased weight limit, allowing us to get weights up to 1000lbs. Overall this will help us better serve our elderly and less mobile patients to better determine their health needs.

The Blood Pressure Cuffs allow patients to take home the Blood Pressure machines for two week periods of time. We have several Blood Pressure Machines available for patients to use on request by their physician. The cuffs that originally came with the Blood Pressure Machines are standard sizes and do not fit all patients properly. With the purchase of a variety of different sizes it allows patients to get a better fit when doing a blood pressure reading at home.