Advance Care Planning

Advance Care Planning

“We born dyin’ … But you ask a man an’ he talk like he gonna live forevah.” — Novelist Walter Mosley

“It’s important in life to conclude things properly.
Only then can you let go.” — Yann Martel, Life of Pi

Like the man in Walter Mosley’s quote, we don’t like to think ahead to death. Many of us only think about end-of-life decisions when we’re nearly there.

But sometimes we are sick or injured as we approach that stage of life. We might be too sick or injured to speak for ourselves about the kind of care we want. We have to rely on someone else to figure out what we want and to speak on our behalf.

This is why an advance care plan — also called an ACP — is important. It helps you to decide what you would like at the end of your life. It also helps you to communicate those decisions to others. It lets you name a person who can speak for you and who will honour your wishes. An ACP can help you conclude things properly.

Advance Care Planning brochure

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