Need an appointment? Book Online

AMC Now Offering Online Booking

We are pleased to offer online booking to all of our patients who have a family doctor or family nurse practitioner at AMC.

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Driver Safety

Driver Safety

As summer approaches we look forward to camping trips, long weekends and the odd day to the beach. Of course as summer gets busy, so do our highways.

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AMC Walking Challenge

2019 AMC Walking/Activity Challenge

May 1- June 30
Walking across the USA
31,554,003 combined steps

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healthy living

Healthy Lifestyle Habits

Being healthy is often taken for granted and it is often when we lose health, that we appreciate what we had and wonder how we can get it back. Now, it is more possible than ever before.

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Agassiz Medical nurses holding stuffed animals

Katie Cares partners with AMC to give stuffed animals

Thanks to Katie Cares, children coming for their 5 year old school immunizations will be getting a stuffed animal.

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We Are Expanding!

That’s right! The time has come for the AMC Community Board’s vision of developing the Clinic Development Project to become a reality in our community.

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Menzies Medical Centre logo

Menzies Medical Centre

Fulfilling Dr. Bob Menzies goal to complete a century of practice under the Menzies name, Agassiz Medical Centre will be renamed to Menzies Medical Centre.

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Silhouette of young man feeling stressed

Life Got You Stressed?

Feeling overwhelmed? Not coping? This is a common feeling felt by many; you are not alone! Why is it that day to day life can become too much to handle?

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