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Agassiz Medical Centre is located within Boundary Trails Place, a group of facilities intended to meet all your medical needs. Surrounding the Agassiz Medical Centre is optometry, dentistry, orthodontics, pharmacy, athletic health, public health and many other health and wellness oriented businesses.

The Agassiz Medical Centre is a community owned clinic that is operated in consultation with a board of directors that represent our city and surrounding municipality. Donations to purchase medical equipment and technology are received thru a funding agreement with the Agassiz Physicians Medical Corporation, the City of Morden, the RM of Stanley, other rural municipalities and surrounding towns contribute on a yearly basis as well as local businesses and personal contributions. This group effort helps to maintain a modern facility that allows all community members and visitors to benefit.

Agassiz Medical Centre Staff

Our dedicated team of Nurses are committed to your health and well-being. We help you communicate with your Doctor, keep you up to date with Immunizations, and perform tests to help determine the care you need. We are driven to stay on top of the most recent trends and research in health concerns and management. With individual experience in ER, Neonatal Intensive Care, Long Term Care and other areas of our health care system, there is a breadth of knowledge and caring that can help you with whatever health needs you have. If you have a question or concern about your health, we can help you out.

Combined years of Nursing experience: 154 years

Our Administration Team

Karen Chezick

Karen Chezick - Clinic Manager

Karen manages the overall operation of the clinic including Human Resources, Financial, Recruitment, Clinic Development, Community Partnering, I.T. and Privacy. Karen has been with the clinic since 2008..

Telephone Number : (204) 822 2601
Email: kchezick@agassizmedicalcentre.com
Nicole Burnett

Nicole Burnett - Financial Administrative Officer

The Financial Adminstrative Officer oversees the monthly financial operation of the clinic and Nicole has been with the clinic since 2005.

Telephone Number : (204) 822 2608
Email: nburnett@agassizmedicalcentre.com
Lawanda Friesen

Lawanda Friesen - Administrative Coordinator

The Adminstrative Coordinator supports the Clinic Manager in varions office administration duties, supervising support staff, scheduling for physicians and staff and responsible for Fundraising/Awareness for the Agassiz Medical Centre Community Board. Lawanda has been with the clinic since 2005.

Telephone Number : (204) 822 6703
Email: lfriesen@agassizmedicalcentre.com

Dave Guenther

Dave Guenther – Systems Administrator

Dave oversees all of our I.T. infrastructure and is responsible for purchasing and implementing new technology in the clinic. Dave has been with the clinic since 2013.

Adminstration Team

The Administration Team

With a combined 200 plus years of service to Agassiz Medical Centre. Our administration team consists of Billing, Transcription, Reception, Lab Entry, Document Scanning, IT, etc.

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